Safe Crossing

For many years, we have advocated for the addition of a traffic light at the east end of our parking lot on Roosevelt Road to better ensure the safety of our school community.

In November and February, we asked our community to support us as we advocated for the light to the Wheaton City Council. For the first time in more than 20 years of effort, we are seeing progress!

In February, the Wheaton City Council unanimously approved moving forward with the installation of the light. The vote followed a lengthy presentation and discussion, which included the voices of many members of our school community and SFHS President Phil Kerr.

Next steps require the coordination of the State of Illinois, City of Wheaton, and affected property owners – and funding is key. While there may be public funds and grants available over a several-year period, we hope our entire school community will join us in raising funds to expedite the installation of the light. Everyone can participate in funding this critical safety improvement that impacts our students daily.

St. Francis High School