An SFHS Education

Our students are ready to contend with the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century.

A St. Francis High School education prepares students for the demands of college, while also empowering them to serve the world. A rigorous curriculum offers courses tailored to a wide range of interests and abilities. A combination of college preparatory, honors, advanced placement, and elective courses provides various opportunities for success. Counselors help students design schedules that meet individual needs.

SFHS graduates advance to some of the finest colleges and universities in the country. Recent alumni report how well prepared they are for their college coursework and campus life.

Why a Catholic Education?

  • SFHS makes greater academic demands, provides stronger community support, and gives more personal attention to students.
  • We emphasize faith, academic rigor, self-discipline, and high moral standards.
  • We are committed to preparing spiritual moral, leaders.
  • We develop the whole person, challenging each student to reach their full potential.
  • We offer students a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment.
  • We are a Catholic institution; however we welcome students from all faith backgrounds.

Graduation Requirements

Twenty-five credits is the minimum requirement for graduation from St. Francis High School.

All courses required for graduation must be taken at St. Francis High School (or some recognized high school in case of transfers).

English**** 4.0
Religion 4.0
Mathematics*** 3.0
Science 3.0
Social Studies** 2.0
World Languages* 2.0
Physical Education 2.0
Health 0.5
Digital Literacy 0.5
Electives 4.0
Total 25.0

Service Hours: 15 per year, 60 total required.

*The two (2) credit World Languages requirement means two consecutive years of the same language.

**The two (2) credit Social Studies requirements means World History and U.S. History I with U.S. History II or III or AP U.S. History. Successful completion of U.S. and Illinois Constitutions, the Declaration of Independence and Flag Code.

***The three (3) credit mathematics requirements must include Algebra and Geometry content.

****Successful completion of English III research paper. Note: No student will graduate from St. Francis High School with more than three (3) required make-up credits earned during summer school. 

Program of Studies

Class of 2023 Average ACT Scores

List of 6 items.

  • 20.6

    National Average
  • 23

    Illinois State Average
  • 34

    Top 10% of SFHS Class of 2023
  • 32

    Top 25% of SFHS Class of 2023
  • 29

    Top 50% of SFHS Class of 2023
  • 27

    Top 75% of SFHS Class of 2023

Academic Administration

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    Raeann Huhn 

  • Photo of Kate Schulte

    Kate Schulte 

    Assistant Principal
  • Photo of Dan Holleman

    Dan Holleman 

    Dean of Students

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