The Counseling Department works with students, parents, and faculty to meet the social-emotional needs of St. Francis High School students. The counselors assist students, parents, and teachers in fostering the students’ academic success and achievement of long- term goals for education and careers. Counselors will provide knowledgeable and professional assistance to students in course selection, academic advising, standardized testing, career counseling, and college planning.


The vision of the St. Francis High School Counseling Program is that all students will develop the academic, career, and social skills needed to achieve professional goals and personal wellness. Students will successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, compassionate, resilient, and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.   


St Francis High School's counseling program aims to support our students in their academic, personal/social and career/college development. Counselors provide services and support in all of three domains during all four years of high school:
Academic: Counselors work with students to select an appropriate program of studies, establish and monitor academic goals and success; and develop skills for improved learning. Counselors also provide consultation and support to teachers and parents.
Personal/Social: Counselors work with students to acquire the knowledge and skills helpful for personal growth, healthy decision making and overall mental health. Counselors also provide crisis counseling to ensure student safety and work with parents and other professionals to best support students in need.
College/Career: Beginning freshmen year, counselors work with students to develop and plan  career and college goals; provide students with strategies to gain a wide variety of career information; and help with the college search and application process. 

Help Hotlines

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Child Abuse Hotline

Counseling Office

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Bridget Buckley

    Bridget Buckley 

    Director of Counseling | Junior & Senior/College Counselor (A-J)
  • Photo of Michele LeBeau

    Michele LeBeau 

    Administrative Assistant to Counseling/Administrative Assistant to Pastoral Ministry/Registrar
  • Photo of Adam Lindley

    Adam Lindley 

    Junior & Senior/College Counselor (K-Z)
  • Photo of Jillian O’Connor

    Jillian O’Connor 

    Freshman & Sophomore Counselor (Q-Z) Special Needs Coordinator
  • Photo of Samantha Pucci

    Samantha Pucci 

    Freshman & Sophomore Counselor (I-P)
  • Photo of Angelika Rupp

    Angelika Rupp 

    Freshman & Sophomore Counselor (A-H) Group Counseling Coordinator

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