The Information Technology Department supports the academic environment of St. Francis High School through the use of Audio-Visual and Computer technologies. The focus of technology is two-fold—to assist faculty with their curriculum content and delivery, and to assist students with their assignments and projects through the use of technology.

Students also gain familiarity and experience with hardware and software technologies used by business and universities. Students have access to high-speed Internet Access, three networked computer labs, mobile laptop projector carts, and audio-visual equipment.


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  • Communication System

    Automated Calling/E-mailing System via Blackboard Connect
    All parent home phone numbers and e-mail addresses on file in our student management database system have been automatically loaded into our Blackboard ConnectEd automated calling/e-mailing system for the 2019-2020 school year. These are the phone numbers and e-mail addresses that you noted on the Student Demographic sheets during your child’s initial registration – including any subsequent updates we were given.

    Please note: if you have made any special requests to include additional phone numbers in the automated calling system, you must re-submit those requests each year as we refresh our calling system database annually.
  • Tech Support

    Facts about Email, Spam, and Viruses
    Spam (unsolicited email) is a serious problem. Our 75 faculty and staff receive more than one million e-mail messages per year! Of those, only 15% were allowed through to their inboxes; the other 85% were rejected due to viruses, foul or spam specific language, known spam sender addresses, etc.

    What causes email (including sometimes legitimate email) to be classified as spam?

    • Email without a subject – always include a subject in any emails that you send.
    • Email with subjects or body text that include common spam keywords and phrases including drug references, foul language, jokes, stock references, etc.
    • Email with multiple forwarding - it will show FW: FW: or RE: RE. (Note: if trying to forward a message you received that was forwarded from someone else, remove the FW or RE from in front of the email subject on the subject line before sending.)

IT Department

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    Jeff Gerdeman 

    Director of Technology/Teacher
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    Tim Martens 

    Technology Integration Specialist
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    James Quinn 

    Information Manager

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