Tim Nitsch ’91 Visits Engineering Students

Tim Nitsch ’91 visited Dr. Tom Juliano’s Intro to Engineering class in early November and shared his experience and advice with students.
Tim has a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and has completed impressive projects such as automating the entire John G. Shedd Aquarium, including the water quality systems and the lighting systems. Also at the aquarium, he was able to regulate the temperature in the penguin exhibit, which previously fluctuated 10 degrees and caused the penguins to become sickly. Because of his automated equipment, he was able to regulate the temperature within .2 of a degree. The penguins became healthier and started producing eggs, which were then sold for $1 million each!
After almost 10 years as a mechanical engineer, Tim went back to school and earned his law degree. 
Tim is now a patent lawyer, one of only 1,500. He is the named inventor on six patents and owns his own law firm, KCO Legal.
Tim served as a wealth of knowledge to the students and answered questions about his work experiences and what to study. He stressed how engineers look at the world differently and an engineering degree can open many doors, which included law school for him. Tim made quite an impression on the class and left them with an inspiring message: “Engineers can do anything.” Thank you, Tim!
    • Tim Nitsch ’91 with Dr. Tom Juliano’s Intro to Engineering class in early November.

St. Francis High School