Student Drawing is ‘Out of This World’

Jamie Lavigueur
Peter W. ’25 would like to be the artist behind the animation in a movie studio one day. With a passion for digital design, Peter is fine-tuning his skills as a sophomore at SFHS and recently completed a compelling drawing of a school on the moon for his Art II semester one exam.

In his drawing, an astronaut appears to be floating onto his next class with one arm extended, as if swimming through the low-gravity atmosphere. Peter created a glimpse of the moonscape and nearby planets in the windows, open doors, and skylights of the school’s hallway. Math and science books hover around the lockers.
Peter began drawing his piece with a pencil then traced it with a fine-tip marker.

“It all builds to a perspective point,” he said, pointing to the centerpiece of the drawing. “I did everything using a ruler and a T-square. The idea of a school on the moon just sounded like a cool idea to me.”

Earlier this year, the Art II class was charged with drawing any building they wanted. His selection was the Avenger's Tower from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“My dream is to do art animation or drawing for a company like Pixar,” he said.

Peter, who lives in Villa Park, said he was drawn to SFHS because of its size and his impression of the school and its students.

“Only two other kids from my [middle] school went here but I knew it was where I wanted to be,” he said.
    • Peter W. '25 with his Art II semester exam drawing.

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