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  • Scenes from the SFHS 2023 Ensuring Our Future Auction.

    Ensuring our Future Auction - Thank You!

    It was another record-breaking year for the annual SFHS Ensuring our Future Auction on Saturday, March 4! We are thrilled to share we had more than 400 registered attendees and raised $523,561 overall, including $85,700 for Fund-A-Cause.

    THANK YOU to everyone who supported us by sponsoring the event, purchasing raffle tickets, attending, and bidding during the live and silent auctions! 

    We also send a heartfelt thank-you to all of our volunteers, Auction Chair Lynn Gilroy, and Décor Chair Lori Connelly. Your hard work and dedication were evident at every turn of the event - from the breathtaking transformation of Spyglass Athletic Center, packed auction tables, and outstanding photo booth opportunities; we appreciate you!
  • Faculty-Staff Anniversaries Celebrated at All-School Liturgy

    On February 2, faculty and staff celebrating milestone anniversaries were honored at the special Catholic Schools Week All-School Liturgy. Thank you for your years of service!
    5 years – Vicky Beelow, Bridget Buckley, Nichole Favero, Bob McMillen, Maddie Wall
    10 years – Delaina Blake, Jeff Jozwiak, Michele LeBeau, Adam Lindley
    15 years – Patty Dahle
    20 years – Paul Johnson, Tim Reist
    25 years – Michael Lynch
    35 years – Scott Nelson
    40 years – Tia Holinger
  • SFHS wins IHSA Sportsmanship Banner Award

    St. Francis High School was awarded the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Sportsmanship Banner Award today for positive sportsmanship shown by the team, the community at large, and the student body during the Girls Volleyball 2022 State Tournament.

    IHSA Assistant Executive Director Stacey Lambert and IHSA mascot "Add A. Tude" attended the February 2, 2023, All-School Liturgy to present the school with the banner.

    “As you know, your team was fantastic, and you all did a great job in the state finals,” Lambert said. “We are thrilled to present you with the sportsmanship banner today.”

    An IHSA-formed committee grades all participating schools and selects the winner based on their coaches, players, and fans.

    Thank you to the SFHS fans, Blue Crew, and community for making this award possible, and congratulations to all!
  • Alum Krystian Link ’07 shares his career journey with SFHS engineering students.

    Alum Shares Career Journey with Engineering Students

    Alum Krystian Link ’07 returned to SFHS in January to visit with engineering students and share about his career journey. Krystian, who said he’s “not your typical engineer” because he prefers to be more forward- and people-facing, is an Application Engineer at the software development company, Rand Worldwide.

    Krystian received his bachelor of arts in Engineer Science at Benedictine University,  bachelor of science in mechanical engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology, master of science in mechanical engineering at Northern Illinois University, and MBA at Indiana University – Kelley School of Business.

    Krystian shared with students that it’s OK to start small, make mistakes, then learn from those mistakes, and get better.

    “God calls us to perfection, not to always be perfect,” he said.

    He also encouraged students to explore their hobbies and develop them, as they can sometimes turn into opportunities. After sharing his career journey and lessons learned along the way, Krystian took the time to answer questions from students.

    Thank you, Krystian, for sharing your story and expertise!
  • Will ’24, Caroline ’16, and Dan and Julie Loughman, and  Emily Loughman ’14 McMullen and Graham McMullen.

    Loughman Family Tennis Center Announcement

    St. Francis High School is delighted to announce that Dan & Julie Loughman, parents of Emily '14, Caroline '16, and Will '24, have made a $400,000 naming gift toward our new SFHS tennis court facility, replacing the existing courts.
    The facility will be named the Loughman Family Tennis Center upon the planned completion of the project in early July 2023.
    The project includes a new court surface, a new fence, windscreens, and signage.

    "St. Francis has long been an excellent school and an asset to our local communities,” said Julie Loughman. “Over the past 15 years it has upgraded its educational resources, technology, and facilities to give its students and faculty an environment in which to thrive. We are so grateful that our three children have had the opportunity to receive the excellent education, community support, and personal attention offered here.”
    Looking forward, Julie added, “We hope that this investment builds on St. Francis' reputation as a premier high school and benefits the student body by improving the home of its tennis teams and enhancing its P.E. classes."
    The SFHS Tennis program is one of the school’s largest, as are the tennis summer camps. Tom Castronovo, Varsity Tennis Head Coach, said, "On behalf of our entire coaching staff and in speaking for all our players past, present, and future, we are thrilled and so thankful to the Loughman family for their generosity as well as the support of the St. Francis High School Board of Directors for making this new tennis court facility a reality."
    The SFHS community thanks the Loughman family for their generous naming gift!
    For more information about the Loughman Family Tennis Center, including inquiries into naming opportunities for dedicated courts at the facility, please contact
    Steve Nache, Vice President for Advancement, at or (630) 668-5800 x1220.
  • Peter W. '25 with his Art II semester exam drawing.

    Student Drawing is ‘Out of This World’

    Peter W. ’25 would like to be the artist behind the animation in a movie studio one day. With a passion for digital design, Peter is fine-tuning his skills as a sophomore at SFHS and recently completed a compelling drawing of a school on the moon for his Art II semester one exam.

    In his drawing, an astronaut appears to be floating onto his next class with one arm extended, as if swimming through the low-gravity atmosphere. Peter created a glimpse of the moonscape and nearby planets in the windows, open doors, and skylights of the school’s hallway. Math and science books hover around the lockers.
  • SFHS alums Mirabella French ’20, Michael Brdecka ’20, Gabby Hernandez ’21, and Tommy Bratthauar ’22, share at our inaugural Spartan Alumni Panel.

    College Advice Shared at Alumni Panel Event

    On January 9, current SFHS juniors and seniors enjoyed hearing from SFHS alums Tommy Bratthauar ’22, Michael Brdecka ’20, Mirabella French ’20, and Gabby Hernandez ’21, in our inaugural Spartan Alumni Panel. The alums graciously volunteered their time to answer questions and share about their college experience with their fellow Spartans.

    Questions ranged from how to write the best admissions essay to what clubs the students are involved in at their respective schools.

    “It’s important to be honest with yourself about what you want out of college,” Mirabella said.

    Michael added that he began his college career at Loyola Chicago then pivoted to the University of Iowa after learning that he liked visiting the city, but living in it was a different story.

    Tommy advised the students to use their teachers as resources when writing their college essays and Gabby encouraged them to remember to stay genuine and talk about what differentiates them from others.

    We are grateful to these four fantastic alums and plan to make this event an annual resource for our students.

    Thank you:
    Tommy Bratthauar ’22, St. Norbert College: Business Administration
    Michael Brdecka ’20, University of Iowa: Political Science
    Mirabella French ’20, University of Loyola Chicago: Marketing with Broadcast Journalism
    Gabby Hernandez ’21, Duke University: Computer Science and Statistics
  • Free Cardiac Screenings Through YH4L Partnership

    On December 6, SFHS will host free cardiac screenings for all students in partnership with the organization Young Hearts for Life (YH4L). The screening, known as an electrocardiogram (ECG), helps detect heart conditions early and can help prevent cardiac emergencies.

    Students are encouraged to take advantage of the screening, which is quick, painless, and free, thanks to Edward-Elmhurst Health, Just 1 Mike, and YH4L donors.

    SFHS sophomore Lily T., who was diagnosed with the heart condition Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) four years ago, personally encourages her fellow students to participate in the screening.

    POTS is a condition that causes fast heart rate, dizziness, and fatigue when you transition from lying down to standing up. Getting an ECG was one of the critical factors that led to Lily’s diagnosis. Lily didn’t realize her heart rate was abnormal nor did she realize her headaches were caused by tachycardia.  Early detection was important to her diagnosis and she now has a treatment plan in place that allows her heart to function more normally.  

    “It was very helpful to get the diagnosis,” Lily said. “Being aware is the best thing possible. If you know you have an issue, you can come up with a plan for the future and still be physically healthy.”  

    The Toppen family has generously donated to the Young Hearts for Life event and strongly advocates for ECG testing. They know how important early detection can be.

    “It truly made the difference in the life of our daughter. It gave Lily her life back,” Lily's parents said.

    YH4L is the largest cardiac screening program in the United States and has performed more than 230,000 free ECGs for students in high school and college. For more information, visit

    Parent/Guardian pre-authorization is necessary for a student to be screened. Parents who wish to sign up their child for the screening can do so at
  • Phil Kerr, President, and Maureen Isphording, Executive Vice President and Director of Admissions

    Presidential Search Announcement

    A message from the SFHS Board of Directors

    Dear Members of the St. Francis High School Community,
    We hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and enjoyed special time with family and friends. The holiday break provides all of us with the time to reflect on the wonders of our faith and to grow closer to our Lord.
    One of the most important duties of the Board of Directors is to appoint and assess the President of the school. Over the past five months, the Board oversaw an extensive search process for the new President. We are extremely grateful to the members of the Presidential Search Committee who interviewed numerous candidates and provided recommendations to the Board. We are also grateful to many school stakeholders (i.e., administrators, faculty, staff, at-large Board committee members, and leaders in the Alumni Association, Mothers’ Club, and Fathers’ Club) who were involved in the on-site interviews of candidates. Building upon all of this work, the Board and its committees continued the interview process in November and December and met numerous times to determine the right leadership plan to serve our beloved school for many years to come.
    We have exciting news to share with you regarding the new leadership of St. Francis High School. We are thrilled to announce both the new President of our school, Philip Kerr, and the new Executive Vice President of our school, Maureen Isphording, effective today.
    The synergy created by Phil’s 40-year history with the school, his incredible business acumen, and his mentoring skills combined with Maureen’s marketing and communications expertise, relationships with current families, and love for the school will provide a strong foundation for the future and long-term success of St. Francis High School. Many of you may be familiar with Maureen as our Director of Admissions, and she will continue her strong leadership in this role while also serving as Executive Vice President. By creating the new position of Executive Vice President, we will establish a collaborative mentorship between the new President and the Executive Vice President. Their partnership combined with the guidance of Raeann Huhn, our Principal, will ensure the furtherance of the school’s mission for future generations of Spartans.
    Phil and Maureen are looking forward to working as a team to guide the school in its next chapter of excellence. Phil shared these comments with the Board: “I am very humbled, honored, and excited to join the St. Francis High School leadership team. It is an incredible responsibility to carry on the school’s 65-year legacy promoting the spiritual, academic, physical, and social development of the students entrusted to our care. Our patron Saint Francis of Assisi said, ‘Remember that when you leave this earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received -- only what you have given.’ It is incumbent on our team to give Spartans for generations to come the latest state-of-the-art facilities, technologies, and infrastructure necessary to remain at the forefront of educational excellence. The charge for Maureen and me is clear: Mobilize the support of the entire St. Francis High School community past, present, and future to provide the best environment, facilities, and atmosphere for our students and faculty to succeed and thrive. That means thanking our current benefactors, partnering with our Alumni from 1961 to 2022, re-engaging with those with whom we have lost touch, and mending any relationships where we may have fallen short. Maureen and I look forward to meeting with you all soon to discuss our vision and see how we can work together to give to our current and future students. Here is to a Happy and Healthy and Holy New Year.”
    Maureen also expressed her excitement on her new role at the school with these words: “I am humbled and thrilled to serve St. Francis High School as Executive Vice President & Director of Admissions. Thank you to the Board of Directors for the trust and confidence in inviting me to serve the school in this expanded role. I look forward to partnering with the Board, colleagues, students, families, alumni, and friends to appreciate and honor St. Francis High School’s history and current work, while intentionally and tirelessly ensuring the school’s success for decades to come.”
    About Phil Kerr, President: As a member of the St. Francis High School Board of Directors for seven years and chairman of the Board from 2010 to 2013, Phil has guided the school during a period of record enrollment and a successful capital campaign. Phil and his wife, Maribeth Treis ’77 Kerr, have four children, three of whom are St. Francis High School alums.
    Phil has over 40 years of experience in business management and sales. He attended Illinois State University earning a wrestling scholarship and served as the co-captain of the wrestling team. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics, Phil began his 40-plus year career in the home medical equipment services industry with Foster Medical and quickly became the top sales representative for the company. He served as the youngest Regional Vice President at Foster Medical before founding his own home medical equipment company, Stat Home Care, Inc. He sold his company to Gateway Home Care and later served as President/CEO of Gateway. In 2006, Phil started a new home medical equipment services firm, Home Medical Express, Inc., and served as the company’s President/CEO/CFO. Over 14 years, the firm grew to $32 million in revenue and 124 employees. In 2018, the company was sold to Adapt Health, and Phil later accepted a position there as Regional Vice President of Sales where he coached sales associates in service offerings, professional selling skills, and strategic planning. In addition to his professional activities, Phil has been an active committee member and Board member at Medinah Country Club for eight years and a basketball coach at St. Michael Parish School for over 20 years.
    With his experience in sales, personnel management, financial analysis, and leadership training, Phil is perfectly poised to lead St. Francis High School as it continues to implement its strategic plan and upcoming capital campaign. Phil is a passionate leader who will strengthen the school’s mission to promote students’ spiritual, academic, physical, and social development in the daily presence of Jesus Christ. Phil is known by many as an “honorary alum” through his work on the Board and his family’s long history with the school.
    About Maureen Isphording, Executive Vice President & Director of Admissions: Maureen has cultivated relationships with parents, students, and neighboring schools for seven years as the school’s Director of Admissions. She has implemented annual comprehensive recruiting plans, spearheaded major admissions events, and served in leadership as a member of the school’s President’s Council. She also has grown the Student Ambassador Leadership Team (SALT) to over 130 students to teach leadership skills to our students and to increase the awareness and visibility of the school in the community. Her innovative virtual shadow day program garnered the attention of other schools across the nation when they wanted to adopt a similar recruitment program during the pandemic. She is a proven innovator with boundless energy and enthusiasm.
    Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in communication from Purdue University, Maureen served as a client services manager with Corbett Healthcare Group. She received the “Passion and Drive” performance award for earning new business as a manager with the company.  Following her work at Corbett, Maureen earned a master’s degree in teaching from National Louis University and taught as a secondary social studies teacher for a decade before coming to St. Francis High School as its Director of Admissions. In addition to her admissions work, Maureen’s background in communication and marketing served her well as she managed the communications work at St. Francis High School from 2020 to 2021. Outside of her dedication to our school, Maureen is involved in the activities of her three children with her husband, Dave. She especially enjoys coaching basketball at St. Michael Parish School.
    As revealed by the above biographies, the unique talents possessed by both Phil and Maureen combined with their enthusiasm and love for the school will produce a winning combination that will propel the school in advancing its mission and positively impacting the lives of many future Spartans. We thank the entire St. Francis High School community for its support and guidance during the presidential search process. We also owe a special thanks to Raeann who has willingly served as both Principal and Acting President during the search process. Her steadfast dedication and service to our school reveal the attributes of our patron saint. Please keep our school’s leaders in your prayers as they guide and promote our special school.
    With deep gratitude and in the spirit of St. Francis,

    The St. Francis High School Board of Directors 
  • Angelina Z. received a national award for her artwork and attended a ceremony in Washington D.C.

    Angelina Z. Receives National Art Award

    SFHS student Angelina Z. received a national award for her artwork and attended a ceremony in Washington D.C.  for the Missionary Childhood Association Christmas Artwork Contest. She attended a ceremony at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and also had the opportunity to sightsee before and after the ceremony. She visited, among other historical sites, the Washington Monument and Capitol Building. Congratulations on this great achievement and opportunity, Angelina!
  • This outstanding representation accounts for 29% of the senior class.

    46 Students Named 2023-24 Illinois State Scholars

    St. Francis High School is pleased to announce that 46 students from the class of 2023 have been designated as Illinois State Scholars, a prestigious recognition of academic achievement presented by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC). 
  • SFHS student Anya T. read her winning essay at the Elk Grove Village VFW Post on Thursday, December 1.

    Anya T. Wins Voice of Democracy Competition

    SFHS student Anya T. won first place in the VFW Post 9284 Voice of Democracy essay competition! The annual competition provides high school students with the opportunity to express themselves through a recorded essay on the topics of democracy and patriotism.

    Anya read her essay at the Elk Grove Village VFW Post on Thursday, December 1, and SFHS English teacher Susan Fairhead attended as the St. Francis High School representative to support and congratulate her. Anya has been participating in the competition since 6th grade when she was at St. Walter School. This year’s theme was “Why is the Veteran Important?”
    Voice of Democracy is a national competition facilitated by the VFW with scholarship prizes. Anya's essay will next be submitted to the District competition with those winners announced on January 15. Each year, nearly 25,000 high school students nationwide enter to win their share of more than $2 million in educational scholarships and incentives awarded through the program. 
    The national first-place winner receives a $35,000 scholarship and the first-place winner from each state wins a minimum $1,000 scholarship. Good luck and congratulations, Anya!
  • L-R: Philip L., Cantigny Golf’s 2022 Caddie of the Year, and Matthew W., 2022 Rookie Caddie of the Year.

    SFHS Students win Top Cantigny Caddie Honors

    Congratulations to SFHS students Philip L., Cantigny Golf’s 2022 Caddie of the Year, and Matthew W., 2022 Rookie Caddie of the Year. Both also play on the St. Francis High School golf team.

    Cantigny offers golfers the services of more than 130 caddies annually. All caddies are Cantigny trained, 13 to 21 years of age, and still in school.

    The program helps local youth earn money but also teaches business and social skills that serve them well as college students, working professionals, and members of society. To learn more about the program, visit Cantigny's website.

    Way to go, Philip and Matthew!
  • Alum Shares Wisdom with Engineering Students

    SFHS Alum Jerry Welch ‘72, now Principal Hardware Engineer at Amazon Lab126, visited the Intro to Engineering and Design class last week via Amazon Class Chats and shared his advice and expertise with students.
    Mr. Welch, who now lives on the West Coast, grew up in Wheaton and recently returned to celebrate his 50-year reunion at SFHS. His mother, a teacher, and father, a tool and die maker, encouraged his career in engineering. Mr. Welch is the eighth in a family of nine children.
    He advised students that as they consider their careers to ask themselves what their favorite classes are and not be afraid to take on challenges and learn from their failures. He has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame and University of Illinois, respectively.
    “Do what you love,” he said. “And remind yourself that you love it.”
    Mr. Welch’s focus at Amazon is the development of several of Amazon’s Alexa products, including the Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and more. Mr. Welch said one of his proudest moments was his suggestion that Amazon provide Alexa products to centers that assist blind individuals. He was inspired by his mother-in-law, who was going blind while he was working on the product.
    His career began in factory positions while he was in college and developed over time as he worked for Bell Telephone, ArgoSystems, three start-ups, and more. Students asked him several questions about his more than 40 years in the engineering workplace. They particularly enjoyed hearing about his ability to work with people from all over the world on products that millions of people have in their homes.

    Thank you, Mr. Welch, for spending time with our students and sharing with us!
  • Beckett J. and the Girls Golf Team

    Congratulations Girls Golf, Girls Tennis & Beckett J.!

    Congratulations to these Spartans on their outstanding performances last weekend!
    Girls Golf placed 5th at State: Emmy H. placed 13th and Katherine L. placed 21st.
    Boys Golfer Beckett J. placed 17th at state - the top freshman finisher!
    Girls Tennis - Second in the MSC Conference!
    • Elen R. & Maddie H. (#1 Doubles - 2nd Place & Silver Medalists, All-Conference award-winners)
    • Caroline K./Ellie G. (#2 Doubles - 1st Place & Gold Medalists, All-Conference award-winners)
    • Ashley I./Monica S. (#3 Doubles - 1st Place & Gold Medalists, All-Conference award-winners)
    • Bridget R./Ellie G. (#4 Doubles -1st Place & Gold Medalists)
  • The SFHS Girls Volleyball team after winning the Class 3A State Championship.

    Girls Volleyball Wins State Championship

    Please join us in congratulating the 2022 IHSA Class 3A State Girls Volleyball Champions: the St. Francis High School Spartans!

    On Saturday, November 12, the Spartans claimed victory over the defending state champions Nazareth Academy (25-23, 25-23) in the final match at Redbird Arena at Illinois State University. They previously defeated Joliet Catholic Academy (25-17, 25-22) on Friday, November 11.

    This is the Spartans' 13th state championship and 21st state appearance, and first state championship for coach Lisa Ston.

    "This feeling is unreal and super exciting,” Coach Ston said in an interview with Shaw Local. “I really don’t have words to describe this feeling. I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to win my first state championship. It’s very exciting.”

    A few highlights include Addy Horner (10 kills, nine assists, and six digs) Anna Paquette (10 kills and four digs) and KK Dumpit (13 assists and four digs).

    We are so proud of you, Spartans! You showed true teamwork, collaboration, discipline, respect, personal responsibility, and sportsmanship on your way to the very top!
  • Author Arshay Cooper holds a Zoom conference with SFHS juniors on November 10.

    Juniors Zoom with Author Arshay Cooper

    Arshay Cooper, the award-winning author of his memoir, A Most Beautiful Thing, held a Zoom conference with St. Francis High School juniors on Thursday, November 10. Junior English classes recently finished reading his memoir and had the opportunity to ask him questions during the conference.

    The book details his journey as a part of the first African American high-school rowing team from the West Side of Chicago and how it helped him overcome the traumas of growing up amongst cycles of poverty in his youth.

    Cooper encouraged students to focus on qualities such as hope, freedom, peace, and change to solve issues like bullying and fear and to take advantage of the opportunities they are afforded.

    When asked by a student which opportunities they should focus on, Cooper said to “chase impact over income” and choose “what feeds your soul and elevates others.”

    He also reminded students that when successful athletes are asked what their coaches taught them it is usually not an athletic skill like dribbling but personal qualities like trust, leadership, and perseverance.

    He closed with the reminder that self-doubt is often our biggest enemy.

    “I challenge you to encourage yourself and tell yourself you’re good enough,” he said. “Treat yourself and love yourself the way you do your family and friends.”

    Cooper’s book was also made into an award-winning 2020 documentary film narrated by Common and produced by Grant Hill, Dwyane Wade, and 9th Wonder, by filmmaker Mary Mazzio.

    We thank Mr. Cooper for his time and for sharing his story with our students – we are truly grateful for this outstanding opportunity!
  • Sofia H. and Gabrielle R. Receive National Hispanic Recognition Award

    Sofia H. ‘24, of Winfield, and Gabrielle R. ’23, of Bartlett, received the National Hispanic Recognition Award from College Board, a nonprofit aimed to expand access to higher education. Students qualify if they have a 3.5 GPA or higher and have taken the PSAT/NMSQT or at least two distinct AP Exams within the eligibility window. Once awarded, students can include this academic honor in their college and scholarship applications.

    Gabrielle, whose father’s side of the family is from Puerto Rico, said that the award is significant to her because it’s nice to be connected to that part of her heritage.

    Sofia, whose mother was born in Nicaragua, said she's happy to be able to represent her heritage through this recognition.

    Gabrielle is considering a career in engineering with a potential focus on chemical engineering. Sofia hopes to pursue a pre-medical track with an emphasis on pediatrics.

    Congratulations Gabrielle and Sofia!
  • Athletics Celebrations - November 7

    This past weekend was an exciting one for the Spartans! The Girls Cross Country Team placed 20th at the State Tournament, the Girls Volleyball team is advancing to the IHSA Class 3A State Finals, and the Football team is advancing to Round 3 of the IHSA Class 4A Playoffs! We thank our student-athletes, coaches, SFHS Blue Crew, and fans for your continued support.

    Girls Volleyball
    The IHSA State Girls Volleyball Tournament is Friday, November 11, and Saturday, November 12, at the Redbird Arena on the campus of Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.
    4:00 p.m. Friday, November 11
    SFHS begins semi-finals play vs. Joliet Catholic Academy at approximately 4:00 p.m.
    Wear Black: SFHS Blue Crew is calling for a "Black Out" of Spartan support!
    Time TBD, Saturday, November 12: SFHS competes for 3rd or 4th place at approx 4:00 p.m. or the championship at approx 5:30 p.m.
    Wear Blue: SFHS Blue Crew is asking to see a "Sea of Blue!"

    cost $8.00 each. Purchase tickets online here or in-person at Redbird Arena. There is no reserved seating.

    p.m. Saturday, November 12: SFHS will play away vs. Rochelle Twp. High School,1401 Flagg Road, Rochelle.

    FOOTBALL TICKETS: Purchase tickets online here for $7.00 or in-person at the stadium for $8.00.
  • SFHS Offers Free YH4L Heart Screening

    SFHS has again partnered with Young Hearts for Life® (YH4L) to provide an opportunity for our students to receive a free heart screening known as an electrocardiogram (ECG) at school on Tuesday, December 6. Parent/Guardian pre-authorization is necessary for a student to be screened.

    Students are encouraged to take advantage of this free screening, which helps detect heart conditions early and can help prevent cardiac emergencies. It's quick and painless - and free to SFHS students thanks to Edward-Elmhurst Health, Just 1 Mike, and YH4L donors.
    We sincerely hope you will consider giving your child permission to participate in this screening and consider volunteering (a medical background is not necessary) to support our students' well-being and help make this event a great success.

    To register your student for the screening, click here.

    Volunteer Information
    50 volunteers are needed for this event! New volunteers must attend one of the full training sessions held on Monday, December 5, unless you volunteered for YH4L in 2021 or 2022.
    • Enter your email address (You do NOT need to create an account)
    • Sign up for your training session AND your volunteer shift
    • will send you an automated confirmation and reminders.
    To read the letter from Dr. Marek, click here.
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