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Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Ministry

Like St. Francis of Assisi , we, the people of the St. Francis High School community, seek to live the call of Jesus as disciples, changing the world by loving God and loving others.

Pastoral Ministry seeks to:
  • Build and maintain a distinctive Christian culture within the community that embodies the Gospel values of loving God and others
  • Strengthen and celebrate the community’s relationship with Jesus through prayer and liturgical experiences
  • Develop a heart for justice and service as disciples of Jesus, by motivating, providing and reflecting on opportunities to share faith through actions to those in need
  • Provide opportunities for young men and women to personally encounter Jesus and begin to form their own faith identity and grow in Christian community
  • Form, support, and equip students to lead and minister

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  • Retreats

    The Pastoral Ministry Department encourages the community's faith experience through a variety of retreats. Retreats are an opportunity for students to grow their relationship with God and one another.

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  • Service Program

    Our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, saw the face of God in the people around him. It is our hope that as St. Francis High School students reach out and accompany others in service, they experience self-discovery, growth, and a deepening faith.

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  • Student Ministry

    Being a Student Minister is a commitment to live the talk and walk with Christ by loving God and loving others. People will be watching and following YOU!

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    Michael Page 

    Pastoral Ministry Department Chair
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    Fr. Robert Barko 

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    Christine Paolella ’08 Dougherty 

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    Kristen Ras 

    Religion Department Chair/Teacher