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Parents and students are reminded of the importance of student attendance at all classes during the school day. Each day or portion thereof that a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to call Student Services and give the reason for the absence. This call should be made before 8:45 a.m. on each day during the period of the absence. Please note that this office is staffed from 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and is equipped with an electronic voice mailbox at all other times. The school will notify parents regarding unaccounted for students. Once this notification is made it is the responsibility of the student and parents to correct this situation.

Uniforms & Dresscode

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  • Dress Code Reminders

    Dying of hair as part of a team or group symbol is not allowed. St. Francis High School reserves the right to determine what is considered "conservative”. Male students are not allowed to wear pierced earrings and/or other body piercing jewelry. Females are allowed pierced earrings, but any other body piercing jewelry and/or excessive jewelry may not be worn. Visible tattoos are not acceptable during the school day or at any school activity. Existing visible tattoos must be covered.

    Planned Absence - see link at bottom of page (must be turned in three school days prior to absence).
  • Uniform Highlights

    1. The Uniform Fleece may be worn all year over a uniform shirt.
    2. The uniform polo shirt may be worn all year un-tucked.
    3. Undershirts may only be WHITE, TUCKED IN.
    4. BOYS ONLY: Uniform oxford shirt may be worn all year TUCKED with PANTS; TIE required. Oxford shirts may NOT be worn with uniform shorts.
  • Uniform Skirt Reminder

    Uniform skirts may be worn at any time during the year and must be hemmed. The maximum height of TWO (2) inches above the knee will be strictly enforced. GIRLS WEARING SKIRTS THAT ARE NOT REGULATION LENGTH WILL LOSE THE PRIVILEGE TO WEAR THEIR SKIRT FOR A DETERMINE LENGTH OF TIME.We recommend a 2-inch turn in hem to allow for growth.
  • Uniforms available: RumpleShirtSkin

    110-112 W. Willow Avenue, Wheaton, (630)682-4495
If you have questions regarding parking permits or uniforms/dress code, please call (630) 668-5800 x 1157.

What to Wear on Fridays

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  • Dec

    School Uniform

  • Dec

    Spirit & Pride

  • Dec

    Outta Uniform

  • Jan

    School Uniform

  • Jan

    Outta Uniform

Deans Office

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    Dan Holleman 

    Dean of Students/Teacher
  • Photo of Sheri Meadows-Reed

    Sheri Meadows-Reed 

    Administrative Assistant/Student Attendance

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