Tuition & Financial Aid

A St. Francis High School education is a priceless investment in a young person’s future. St. Francis High School wants to enable every deserving student – regardless of financial circumstance – the opportunity to receive an SFHS education.

For most families investing in a private school, careful financial planning is a necessity. St. Francis High School is committed to helping families find manageable ways to pay for their child’s education through scholarship and tuition assistance programs. All families regardless of income level can apply for tuition assistance. We understand that each family and each financial situation is unique. We are here to help you determine the best plan for this important investment, as well as guide you through the application process.

Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $15,250

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  • Payment Options

    Billing information comes out during the first week of June each school year.
    • St. Francis offers three payment plans (1 payment, 2 payment, and 10 payment plans)
    • First payments are due either 7/5 or 7/20 depending on your preferred transaction date.
  • Specialty Fees

    • Technology Fee $350
    • Initial Registration (New Students) $150
    • Graduation (Seniors) $125
  • Performing Arts Participation Fees

    • Art–$125
    • Band–$150
    • Chorus–$60
    • Drama–$250
  • Sports Participation Fees

    • Each Sport $250
  • Retreats

    • Junior Retreat (required) $195
    • Kairos Retreat (optional for Seniors) $275
If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact

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St. Francis High School Tuition Assistance

  1. St. Francis High School Scholarships
    Students must be present at the entrance exam in order to be eligible. Applicants must complete the SFHS Application AND submit their FACTS Application for all scholarships (except the Spartan Scholars Award). The application due date is March 1.
  2. St. Francis High School Financial Aid
    SFHS offers need-based tuition assistance. All students who would like to apply for tuition assistance must complete a FACTS application.
  3. Work Study Program
    Student assistance to Facility Manager/Main Office. A tuition offset will be applied.
  4. Multiple Children Discount
    A 50% tuition discount is applied to the third child from the same family that is concurrently enrolled in the same school year.
  5. Alumni Registration Fee Waiver
    The SFHS Alumni Association has established a benefit for any child of a St. Francis High School alum. Those who register are eligible for a registration fee waiver ($150). Waiver will be automatically applied at Registration.

St. Francis High School Tuition Assistance Checklist

Step 1
Apply to FACTS Grant and Aid
For St. Francis High School Financial Aid and Scholarship Eligibility
Due Date: March 1
To complete the application, click here
Step 2
Apply for Class of 2028 Scholarships (INCOMING FRESHMAN ONLY)
Students must be present at the entrance exam in order to be eligible.
Due Date: March 1
For more information and the application, click here
Step 3
Tuition Assistance notifications will be sent via email mid-May and awards will be automatically applied to your upcoming year FACTS Tuition agreement in early June. Please complete your FACTS Tuition Enrollment on or before 6/30/24.

External Sources of Tuition Assistance

  1. Kazma Family Foundation Scholarship
    The Kazma Family Foundation, along with the Catholic Education Foundation, offers four-year scholarships to students enrolling in the Diocese of Joliet Catholic high schools. The scholarship includes a $6,000 tuition scholarship for each of the four high school years. An incentive program based on honor roll status may increase the scholarship up to $8,000 per year. The application deadline is March 1.
    For more information, click here
    For the application, click here
  2. Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) – Diocese of Joliet Awards (DOJ)
    The Catholic Education Foundation scholarship program is designed for K-12 students with demonstrated financial need currently enrolled or applying for the next school year in any CEF-supported Catholic schools within the Diocese of Joliet.
    For more information, click here
    The application can be filled out online at

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is tuition assistance at St. Francis High School?

    Tuition assistance is monetary assistance that the school provides to reduce the educational costs to families. Tuition assistance takes the form of an awarded amount that does not need to be paid back.
  • What factors are considered?

    Tuition assistance awards are strictly need-based. Although family income level is an important consideration, many other factors enter the decision-making process: number of children K-12 attending schools for which tuition is paid, medical bills, assets (including house) and liabilities, unusual expenses, and so on.
  • How does St. Francis High School determine financial need?

    Families requesting tuition assistance are asked to complete an online application through FACTS Grant & Aid. Completing the application and providing your most recent financial statement gives us a clear picture of how much you can afford to contribute toward education. It is our goal to try to make St. Francis High School affordable regardless of income level.
  • Who can apply for tuition assistance?

    Any Freshman through Senior student can apply for tuition assistance.  Tuition assistance will only be awarded to newly accepted students and current students enrolled for the following school year and whose tuition account is current.
  • What is the income level at which a family is no longer eligible for assistance?

    There is no specific income limit.  If you feel you cannot pay all the costs of tuition and fees yourself, it is worth the effort to apply for financial assistance to see if you qualify. FACTS Grant and Aid assessment must be completed before your will be considered for any assistance.
  • What is the timeline usually like?

    St. Francis High School has rolling admissions, so tuition assistance funds are distributed on a first-come, first served basis. Please be sure to review application deadlines.
  • Will my records be confidential?

    Yes. St. Francis High School maintains strict confidentiality over tuition assistance files and applications. Likewise, any tuition assistance awards are confidential between St. Francis High School and the receiving family and should not be shared with other families.
  • Must I reapply each year for tuition assistance?

    Yes. Financial circumstances often change from year to year, and in order to allocate our limited resources wisely, it will be necessary for you to re-apply each year for tuition assistance.

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