Students Initiate Myanmar Awareness Week

Krystal LaMantia
St. Francis High School students, Nicole K. '23 and Lucy V. '23 share their personal experiences to incite education and awareness about the military coup in Myanmar.
May 10-14, 2021 was designated Myanmar Awareness Week at St. Francis High School. Prompted by sophomores, Lucy and Nicole, and with the help of faculty and staff, SFHS Myanmar Awareness Week enlightened students on the current crisis in Myanmar. Together, Lucy and Nicole designed a week of activities for students to express their support and promote awareness. Activities consisted of a special Outta Uniform Day which allowed students to swap their school uniforms for red (the color representing the peaceful Civil Disobedience Movement in Myanmar), a banner signing and information table, student art to memorialize the lives lost, and sharing the hashtag #savemyanmar on social media.  
Undeniably, the most notable part of the week was the presentation given by Nicole and Lucy recounting their personal stories and the stories of their families currently residing in Myanmar.

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