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Websites for College Information
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ACT/ SAT Registration Information
College Information and Search Engines
Financial Aid Information
Test Preparation Information
Career Information

ACT/ SAT Registration Information
  College Board Online (SAT) -
Provides a wealth of information about tests (PSAT, SAT, AP, CLEP etc.) and services. Online registration for SAT (with Master Card or Visa) and online requests to send score reports. Write practice tests for the SAT II Writing Subject Test and get feedback from official test readers. Includes curriculum guides for AP courses and details on AP exams. Conduct online searches for information on careers, colleges, and scholarships. Browse the College Board Store.
  ACT’s Home Page -
Provides registration and re-registration for standard ACT national test dates with a Master Card or Visa. Lists test centers for each test date, gives details about the content of the test and sample test questions, provides tips to help prepare for the test, and includes information about acceptable identification required at the test center.
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College Information and Search Engines
  Family Connection by Naviance -
This program is specifically licensed for use by St. Francis students and parents. It can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. The program allows the student to perform a college search, build a resume, track applications, and communicate with the college counselor by email. This program is the best starting point for St. Francis students who are involved in college planning. If you need your access code, contact Mrs. Rigney or Mrs. LeBeau.
  Accredited Online Colleges -
If a student is seeking an online college program, this site allows the student to search for online schools by a variety of criteria and check the accreditation status of the school.
  The Admissions Office -
Contains links to a number of resources for college planning.
  All About College: Links -
Provides access to college search, career information, test preparation, and more.
  College Atlas -
A college search site which allows students to search for colleges by major and provides rankings of colleges by major offerings and other categories.
  College Net -
Provides a searchable database of colleges, scholarship opportunities, and academic resources plus links to other college and career resources
  College Scholarships -
Provides links to 70 scholarship search sites as well as links to Catholic and Christian colleges, colleges for students with learning disabilities, online degree programs and other college planning information.
  Campus Tours -
Resource for arranging tours to multiple colleges in various regions of the country.
  College View -
Contains multimedia college tours, college search, career search, scholarship search, featured schools for certain majors, and links to college home pages.
  CollegeXpress -
Includes a college search, scholarship search, career information, loan finder, and other resources for college planning
  Common Application -
Provides a common application that can be completed one time and sent to any of the hundreds of participating colleges. The application can be downloaded or completed online and sent electronically.
  College Connector/College Net -
ACT linked site that combines with College Net to provide a college search, college information, virtual college tours, and other tools for college planning
  Colleges That Change Lives -
Provides information on the forty colleges contained in the book by Loren Pope. Provides a prospective on how liberal arts colleges can make a lasting positive impact on the student.
  Community and Two Year Colleges -
Comprehensive directory of community colleges across the nation.
  Education Planner -
Provides information on preparing for college, selecting a college, applying to college, and paying for college. Includes a career assessment, career search, and detailed career information.
  International Directory of Universities
Provides a comprehensive international directory of colleges throughout the world with direct links to college home pages. Also includes a graduate school director, test prep information, and other resources.
  Impact College Advising -
Independent College Advisor Karen Daluga provides guidance and direction in the college search and application process to students in the Chicago suburbs.
  Jesuit Colleges and Universities -
Searches and links to Jesuit colleges and universities throughout the United States
  Making College Count -
Provides information on how to succeed in high school, college, and career. Includes scholarship, college, and career search.
  Mapping Your Future -
A public service web site which provides students with information on career planning, academic preparation for college, admission procedures, standardized tests, college selection, and financial aid options. Click on the “features” tab and get links to over 50 other sites for college, career, and financial aid information.
  My Road -
This is the College Board’s My Road college and career program which is free to any student who has taken the PSAT. To log in, students must initially use the access code at the top of the PSAT score report. This is an excellent tool for completing a college search and researching careers and college majors.
  123 Admissions -
Independent College Advisor and Educational Consultant Patti Pears helps students and families to successfully navigate the selective college admissions process and prepare for the ACT/SAT/PSAT exams.
  Peterson’s Education Center -
Provides a search for high schools, undergraduate programs, graduate and professional programs, and distance learning programs. Also includes financial aid and scholarship search and information on college essay preparation and ACT/ SAT preparation.
  Princeton Review -
Provides search for colleges, graduate schools, careers, and scholarships. Also provides ACT/ SAT test prep.
  U.S. News Online -
Has the annual ranking of colleges online, a college directory, a search of schools by college major, and other college planning tools.
  U. S. Department of Education Information Site for Students and Institutions -
U.S. Department of Education sponsored site with excellent collection of links that range from pre-college planning to repayment of loans. It also contains career information and sources of student internships and study abroad programs.
  National Scouting Report -
This site provides a scouting service for college coaches and high school athletes since 1980. It includes a prospect database, tips on how to get recruited, and other useful information for the high school athlete.
  NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) -
Click on sports and championships to obtain a list of schools that sponsor specific college level sports, sorted by sport, region, division, etc.
  NCAA Elibigility Center (formerly NCAA Clearinghouse) -
Provides academic guidelines for potential college student athletes who wish to attend an NCAA affiliated school. Any student who wants to participate in college sports at a Division I or II level must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Students must register online and have St. Francis High School and ACT/SAT send the required supporting documents.
  NAIA Eligibility Center -
Provides academic guidelines for potential college student athletes who wish to attend an NAIA affiliated institution. Note that registration with this site does not apply to NCAA affiliated schools. Any student who wants to participate in a sport at an NAIA affiliated school must register on this site and have St. Francis High School and ACT/SAT send supporting documents.
  Yahoo’s College Directory -
Click on Education, then Higher Education, then United States , etc. until you reach the alphabetical selection for the college you are seeking. Provides links to Home Pages.
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Financial Aid Information
  College Loans 101 -
Provides links to a multitude of helpful sites on college loans, scholarships, and other topics regarding college financial aid.
  College Aid Planners -
Led by Joe Orsolini, a certified financial planner, the College Aid Planners of Glen Ellyn assists families with college financial aid, tax preparation and investment advice.
  College Planners, Inc. -
Founded in 1998, this group provides comprehensive college planning services for students and parents. College Planners of America can assist the family in college selection, the college application process, college financial planning, estimating the family contribution to college expenses, completion of the FAFSA, appealing financial aid decisions, and targeting merit, athletic, and talent scholarships.
  College Planners of America -
Provides registration and re-registration for standard ACT national test dates with a Master Card or Visa. Lists test centers for each test date, gives details about the content of the test and sample test questions, provides tips to help prepare for the test, and includes information about acceptable identification required at the test center.
  Managing College Costs -
This site was developed by Frank Palmasani, a local high school guidance counselor and former college Director of Admissions, who has been doing college financial aid advising for over 25 years. It includes 29 free videos and 2 free audios on topics relating to the financing of college. It also includes helpful blogs on all aspects of college financial aid.
  Financial Aid Information -
Top quality home page of links to many financial aid related sites, including EFC estimator and fastWEB scholarship search. The best starting point for financial aid information on the web.
  FastWeb -
Free scholarship search data base. Saves a student’s profile and emails new sources of private merit aid to the mail box on line
  FAFSA on the Web -
Complete the free application for Federal Student Aid online.
  Federal Student Aid Gateway -
This is a site sponsored by the US Department of Education which provides information, guidance, and tools for financial assistance for college. It links to Student Aid on the Web which includes the FAFSA4caster, a financial aid calculator. The site also includes a financial aid and scholarship wizard, a college savings calculator, college finder, career finder, and other resources.
  Illinois Student Assistance Commission -
Also known as College Zone, this is the home page for ISAC, the governing body for all state of Illinois financial aid programs. It administers the Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP Grant), Illinois State Scholars, Merit Recognition Program, College Illinois 529 pre-paid tuition program and others state sponsored scholarship, grant, and loan programs. It also provides general information on course, college, career, and financial aid planning, as well as time management and test taking tips.
  Lighthouse Financial Group -
This group provides comprehensive assistance to families in college financial aid planning, working with college savings plans, targeting scholarship opportunities, and other investment options.
  Sallie Mae -
College Loan Information from the nations leading provider of funds for federally insured student loans. Sallie Mae works with participating banks and lenders.
  Scholarships for High School Seniors -
A free site offering information on scholarships and grants for high school seniors.
A free scholarship search program.
  The Simple Dollar -
Provides tips on financial literacy for college students, including information on best credit cards, how to manage finances, how credit works, etc.
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Test Preparation Information
  St. Francis High School -
Information on ACT & SAT prep.
  Academic Approach -
Provides one on one tutoring in preparation for ACT/SAT and other standardized tests.
  College Power Prep -
Offers both free and for sale interactive test prep software ACT and SAT testing
  Kaplan’s College Site -
Provides information on test preparation programs in your area, a bookstore of test prep materials, and links to the Score Educational Centers.
Provides free online test preparation for the ACT, SAT, and GRE
  Revolution Prep -
Provides preparation classes for the ACT test on campus at St. Francis High School. Also provides preparation for SAT through tutorial program.
  Study Point -
Provides in home one on one tutoring in preparation for ACT/SAT tests. Also provides tutoring in any school subject area.
  Triumph College Admissions -
ACT/SAT Test Preparation and skill building.
  Varsity Tutors -
Provides resources and test prep materials for ACT, SAT, AP and specific academic subjects.
  Wyzant -
Offers a number of local tutors for test prep and other topics.
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Career Information
  Careers in Accounting Career Guide -
Information about career options in the accounting field.
  Career One Stop -
Occupational requirements, career resources library, and employment trends.
  America’s Career Info -
Occupational requirements, career resources library, and employment trends.
  Career Explorer -
Job descriptions, aptitude tests, self-assessment tools, job training, educational programs that prepare for certain careers.
  Career Vision -
Located in Glen Ellyn, Career Vision provides comprehensive career assessment and counseling services to youth and adults.
  My Majors -
Presents detailed information on hundreds of college majors and their related careers fields.
  Mentoring Edge -
Mentoring Edge connects students with mentors at top companies in order to help students figure out what they want to do and then develop a plan to get there.
  Occupational Outlook Handbook -
Provides detailed information on hundreds of occupations.
  What Can I Do With A Major In? -
Lists careers associated with over 40 different college majors.
  What Can I Do With This Major? -
Lists careers, employers, and preparation strategies associated with over 40 college majors.
  What Can I Do With This Major? -
Lists careers and course work associated with over 40 majors.
  Xap Corporation -
Career descriptions, career search, self assessment, and career list by industry. Includes a college search and financial aid search as well as free test preparation for the ACT and SAT.
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