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“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
Because of the generous gifts from 164 donors, we are excited to announce that we raised $27,630 during our #GivingTuesday campaign. We had a 36% increase in donors this year, and to our surprise, seven of them are current students!
Because of our amazing community, the amount raised is a little more than the cost of two tuitions, and will allow us to continue providing possibilities for students and families to experience this unique St. Francis High School education.
We are so grateful to all who donated, liked and shared our social media posts, voted for our faculty, challenged us to earn more, and offered kind words and encouragement.
Congratulations to Mr. Mike Harper, Mr. Mike Lynch, Dr. Tom Juliano and Mr. Bob Mamminga who earned the most votes to compete in the Spartan Taste Bud Challenge. The runners up, Mr. Scott Nelson and Mrs. Patty Dahle, will be selecting the foods that the participants will be tasting.
Due to some participant conflicts, we are rescheduling the Spartan Taste Bud Challenge to sometime next week. Stay tuned for more information and plan to watch it streamed LIVE on Facebook.

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    Here is the current list of faculty/staff who you may vote to participate in the Spartan Taste Bud Challenge. (Please note that a few names have been removed due to their being unavailable to participate). 
    See Faculty/Staff list


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  • Mr. Mike Harper

  • Mr. Mike Lynch ‘77

  • Dr. Tom Juliano

  • Mr. Bob Mamminga

  • Coach Scott Nelson

  • Mrs. Patty Dahle


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    Betsy Ackerson
    Kathryn Farley '87 Agee
    Sean Agee '19
    James & Sheila Ahern
    James & Susan Ahlborn
    David and Jolene Austin
    Jessica Barthelt '19
    Bill & Joyce Bauer
    Coach Mark Baumbach
    Cale Baumgartner '20
    Tom and Maggie Boler
    Dave & Patricia Boskey
    Maureen Carroll '62 Boyle
    Mike & Jean Broderick
    Mike & Missy Carbery
    Deborah and James Bruce
    Joe '84 & Tracy Buchholz
    Buck Services Inc.
    Mike & Kate Bumpus
    Sarah Benton '99 Burke
    Nils & Hima Talluri Boye
    Larry & Carla Carroll
    Castaldo Family
    Bob and Barb Churney
    The Cibulka Family
    Robert and Julie Crowell
    Joyce DiLullo '64 Curran
    Rod & Jeanette Curtis Family
    Patty Dahle
    Alicia Danahey
    Grant Danahey ‘22
    John & Allison Davis
    Deborah De Rosa
    Annie Dillenkoffer
    Ken Dillenkoffer ‘98 Heather Hughes
    K. Van '68 & Gloria Stillwell '70 Dillenkoffer
    Daniel & Laura Skryd '87 Distazio
    The D'Orazio Family
    Brad '90 & Amy Drendel
    Daniel & Samantha Dufresne
    John & Heather Eberle
    Joe '94 & Rita Falco
    Kathleen Farrell '66
    Greg Fasana & Barb Prohaska
    T. Mark & Leanne Fay
    Dave & Becky Feltes '97 Fischesser
    in memory of Mary Feltes
    Marilyn Stanton '66 Fisher
    Maureen & Lanny Frawley
    Chris & Matt Gambs
    Mary Garvin
    Jamie '89 & Lena Green
    Linda & Gerry Griffith
    Alyssa Gulli '18
    Nicholas Gulli '19
    Peter & Maria Reda '88 Gulli
    Sue Harsa
    Kate Hawkins
    Sarah Hevrdejs '14
    Mary Holbrook '75 Neuman
    Amy & John Holsinger
    Robert & Gina Hoekstra
    Raeann Huhn
    Maureen & David Isphording
    The Jaeger Family
    Joseph & Mary Kartheiser '65 Jedlovec
    Mike & Cindy Johnson
    Paul Johnson
    Judy Jania
    Brett & Susan Jania '04 Foley
    Mike Ford '86
    Megan & Patrick Jamen
    Tom & Smitha Juliano
    Marcia Kadow
    Jadwiga & Kris Kazmirak
    Maia Kedzior '20
    Phil & Maribeth Treis '77 Kerr
    Erika & Al Kircher
    Joseph J. Koch '64
    Chris & John Konchel
    Peg Kopec
    Krzysztof & Edyta Ksiag
    Joan Kustak
    Tanja Boskovic Lanphier
    Mary Lu Linnane '67
    Lillian & Roland Labana
    In memory of Steven Labana '11
    Joseph & Jenny Los
    Dan & Helen Lutzenkirchen
    Sarah Malouf '00 Tobeck
    The Masnyk Family
    Jim & Mary McCarthy
    Katie McCarthy '17
    John McCleary
    Jen McPeake
    Justin Merriss
    Michael Meyer '14
    Max and Kathi Miller
    Greg & Veronica Minear
    Aida & Don Modugno
    Scott & Vicki Mordell
    Bob Mullally '68
    Donald Newsham '61
    Rick Noren '64
    Paul & Debra Novack
    Timothy & Nora O'Hare
    Leonard Paolucci '62
    Gregory & Loralee Pearson
    Greg & Lynn Mirabella '80 Philiotis
    Kristen Philiotis '17
    Lauren Philiotis '09
    Edward & Kerri Pohl
    John & Catherine Price
    Jim '96 & Norah Sheehan '96 Prombo
    Al Prosek '67
    Paul & Robin Pyrcik
    Jeremy & Diane Quattrochi
    James Quinn
    Brian Quirk '12
    Nora Quirk '09 Courtney
    Peter Quirk '13
    Sarah Quirk '07
    Sean & Debbie Quirk
    Charlie & Jennifer Cleveland '87 Rego
    Matthew Rego '20
    Robert Resuali '86
    Mark Riccardi
    Sarah Salemy '17
    Becca Sawko '20
    Mark J. Sawko '75
    Paul '77 & Kim Sawko
    Sarah Sawko '19
    Bernadette & Dave Scharf
    Bob & Yvonne Scholl
    Alex Schmidt '18
    Connor Schmidt '20
    Jessica Schmidt '23
    Michael Schrader '01
    Jon & Nina Schroeder
    Jeff Senall & Beth Wolf-Senall
    Jenna Sgarlata '15
    Joe and Michelle Shannon
    Dave & Addie Sheahin
    Robert & Andrea Siracusano
    Sara Skryd '92 & Kevin Palin
    Stephen & Alicia Sitley
    Peter & Elisabeth Stewart
    Jenny & Kurt Stiefel
    Donn & Julie Stobierski
    Lisa & Steve Ston
    Amy Stumpf
    John & Susan Von Bampus
    Tim Wallensack '86
    Patrick Webb, Jr.
    Anne Boddy '81 Werner
    Madison Wisted '19
    Jason & Tanya Wood
    Steve & Christine Zellinger
    Michael & Karen Zera

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