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  • Graduation Requirements

    25 credits is the minimum requirement for graduation from St. Francis High School.

    All courses required for graduation must be taken at St. Francis High School (or a recognized high school in case of transfers).

    Social Studies**2.0
    World Languages*2.0
    Physical Education2.0
    Intro to Computers0.5
    Service Hours: 15 per year, 60 total required.

    *The two (2) credit World Languages requirement means two consecutive years of the same language.

    **The two (2) credit Social Studies requirement means World History and U.S. History I with U.S. History II or III or AP. U.S. History and successful completion of U.S. and Illinois Constitutions, the Declaration of Independence and Flag Code.

    ***The three (3) credit mathematics requirement must include Algebra and Geometry content.

    ****Successful completion of English III research paper. Note: No student will graduate from St. Francis High School with more than three (3) required make-up credits earned during summer school.
  • College Admission Requirements

    Before selecting courses, students should review college admission requirements that are available in the Guidance Department and on college web sites. We seriously recommend that students begin their initial college search early in their junior year by contacting the St. Francis High School Guidance Director.

    In accordance with Public Act 86-0954, St. Francis High School recommends that applicants to college successfully complete at least 15 units of high school coursework from the following five categories:

    • 4 years of English;
    • 3 years of social studies (American History, World History, an Elective);
    • 3 years of mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra);
    • 3 years of science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics);
    • 2 years of electives (world languages, music, vocational education or art).
  • College Entrance Standardized Testing Exams

    1. St. Francis High School administers a practice ACT to sophomores and juniors on the National testing day in October of each year. However, sophomores and juniors in the top 20% of their class, may elect to take the PSAT test instead of the practice ACT on the National testing day.
    2. Students should take the ACT and SAT in the spring of the junior year. Students may repeat these tests as often as desired. Those wishing to take the ACT must register in advance at Those wishing to take the SAT must register in advance at
  • Advanced Placement Courses

    Courses in the Advanced Placement (AP) Program are college-level studies. Students who register for these classes may opt to take the qualifying examinations given in May. These examinations are based on college-level studies. The scores are used as a measurement for appropriate placement in college classes, with the possibility of earning college course credit. There is a fee charged for the testing service.

    A Guidance Counselor’s signature is required for students who wish to take four or more AP courses in a single school-year.

    The Science Department Chairperson’s signature is required for students who wish to take two AP science courses in a single school-year.

    The following AP courses are offered:

    • AP Studio Art
    • AP Biology
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Calculus BC
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP English Literature and Composition
    • AP Music Theory
    • AP Physics
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Statistics
    • AP U.S. Government and Politics
    • AP US History
    • AP Spanish Language
  • Grading Scale

    St. Francis High School uses number grades for each marking period. Number grades are assigned from 60-99 converted by computer to a 4.0 system.

    Numeric grades correspond to letter grades as follows:

    Grade point average equivalants
    Weighted Courses: add 1.00

    • Each quarter counts for 40% of the semester grade. The semester exam counts for the other 20% of the final semester grade.
    • No grade below a 60% is given for any marking period. The semester exam is not a marking period.
    • Official GPA standing is changed only at the end of each semester.
    • Summer school is not included in GPA.
    • If a student fails Semester One in World Languages or Mathematics, but earns a 76% or higher in Semester Two, the student will receive 1.00 full credit on the transcript. The failing Semester One grade remains on the transcript. 
  • Honor Roll

    Honor Roll is computed on the basis of courses taken at St. Francis High School. A failure in any course for that grading period or on a semester exam makes a student ineligible for the Honor Roll.

    "A” Honor Roll - Composite average of 4.00 or above
    "B” Honor Roll - Composite average of 3.00 or above


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  • Semester Exam Policy

    Final Semester Exams are seen as a review and integration of material covered in each course. Therefore, final semester exams are administered in all courses. To prepare students for semester exams, exam review sheets are provided at least one week prior to the final exam for students in the following courses: junior (non-honors level courses), sophomore and freshman level courses. Exam review sheets are optional for students taking junior honors level courses and all senior courses. It is the expectation that all students take final exams during the scheduled Final Exam week. Appeals must be made to the Assistant Principal three weeks prior to Final Exam week.

    Senior Exemption Policy
    : During the second semester, all courses may, at the discretion of the individual teacher, exempt seniors earning a 93% or higher in both quarter three and quarter four. In order to be consistent, during the first semester, seniors enrolled in semester courses that are offered in both semester one and two, may, at the discretion of the individual teacher, exempt seniors earning a 93% or higher in both quarter one and quarter two.

    AP Course Senior Attendance Policy: Seniors enrolled in Advanced Placement courses, that completed their second semester final exam prior to the Advanced Placement national testing date, may, at the discretion of the individual AP teacher, be excused from attending their AP class during their regularly scheduled Senior Exam day.
  • Incomplete Grades

    Incomplete grades must be made up within the two-week period after the end of a grading period.

    Failure to complete the work within the two-week period may result in a grade of 60%. Incomplete grades are allowed only for a serious reason (e.g. prolonged student illness).
  • Class Distinction Policy

    The overall Grade Point Average (GPA) will be recognized on the student’s final transcript using the following system:

    • Honors with Distinction 5.00 and above
    • High Honors 4.75-4.99
    • Honors 4.50-4.74

    In keeping with tradition, at the end of the seventh semester, St. Francis High School will internally recognize the Top Ten Senior students. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian will address their class at graduation.

    A minimum of four semesters of credit must be earned at St Francis High School to be eligible for the Valedictorian and Salutatorian.
  • Schedule Changes

    A schedule change will take place only in the following cases:

    • If change is recommended by the instructor or department chairperson
    • If a student has a schedule conflict
    • If a student needs a course for college or graduation

    All schedules are final after the first ten school days of the first semester and the first five days of the second semester.

    Schedule changes will not occur for the following reasons: teacher preferences or conflicts, convenience of meeting time, and difficulty of the course.

    In order to add or drop a course, students must obtain written approval from the guidance counselor, course instructor/ department chairperson and parents.

    All changes require a $45 processing fee.
  • Withdraw Pass & Withdraw Fail Grades

    The Withdraw Pass “WP” and Withdraw Fail “WF” grades may be placed on the permanent records of students who are allowed to drop courses after the ten-day period in which course changes are permitted.

    A “WF” grade is calculated as a 60% in the student’s GPA. Such drops require the Principal’s or Assistant Principal’s permission and are made only in special circumstances.
  • Policy on Academic Probation

    1. Students may be placed on academic probation for a variety of reasons. Incoming freshmen may be placed on academic probation because their grade school teachers might suggest their work indicates they are not completely ready for high school level work, or because of the level of work done in the previous school.
    2. Students will be placed on academic probation in any of the four years if they fail two or more courses in a semester. Students failing more than two courses do not meet the minimum standards set by St. Francis High School for participation in either athletics or other co- curricular activities.
    3. Academic probation means that students are subject to academic review for a stated length of time, for a semester, or in some cases for an entire year. Their progress or lack thereof will be monitored and reviewed by the appropriate school official, especially at grading periods.
    4. At the end of the probation period, the administration will review the student’s performance and take one of three possible courses of action:
      • remove the student from probation
      • extend the period of probation
      • recommend to the parents that the student leave St. Francis High School
  • Policy on Summer School

    1. Ordinarily, students who fail a course during the regular school year must repeat this course in summer school. Not all summer school programs, however, can earn St. Francis High School credit. See a Guidance Counselor for details.
    2. If a failure in any required course occurs, the student must make up the credit in summer school before taking the next course in the required sequence, e.g. English 1 before English 2.
    3. If a make-up course is not available during a summer school session, students should see a Guidance Counselor for a recognized way of making up the failed course.
    4. The students who fail to attend summer school when asked to do so could jeopardize their enrollment at St. Francis High School and may be placed on academic probation for the first semester of the following school year.
    5. No student will graduate from St. Francis High School with more than three (3) required make-up credits earned during summer school.

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