The purpose of E-Learning days is to ensure learning continues when we are unable to be physically present at St. Francis High School. During E-Learning days, teachers provide instruction to students virtually, or use an online platform like onCampus (LMS) or Microsoft® OneNote or Microsoft® Teams. Online experiences may include assignments electronically posted, individual or group work, viewing short video clips and responding, discussion board, real-time video conferencing, flipped classroom lessons, and lessons using various apps such as NearPod or FlipGrid. Even though students are not physically at school, class activities and assignments occur in real time, and allow students to take advantage of learning opportunities outside of the traditional school day. In addition to continuity of learning, and because St. Francis High School is a college preparatory school, this E-Learning platform prepares students for online college classes as collegiate courses expect online learners to be engaged, present and adept in this learning environment.
The E-Learning day format meets all Illinois State Board of Education requirements. St. Francis High School is a nonpublic school recognized by the State of Illinois. When classes are cancelled for two or more consecutive days, St. Francis High School will implement E-Learning days. E-Learning days are used for school wide cancellation rather than for individual student instruction.

E-Learning Day Details

List of 5 items.

  • Academic Schedule

    E-Learning days consist of five clock hours of instruction or school work for each student participating in an E-Learning day.
    9:00 –  9:45 a.m.Homeroom Attendance
     Day S  Day F
    10:00 – 10:45 a.m. Period 1 Period 5
    11:00 – 11:45 a.m.   Period 2Period 6
    12:00 – 12:45 p.m.  Period 3Period 7
    1:00 –  1:45 p.m. Period 4Period 8
    1:45 –  2:00 p.m.Teachers will review and respond to student messages
  • Attendance Procedures

    • Student Attendance Procedure
      • Homeroom Attendance check-in must be between 9:00-9:45 a.m. in onCampus.
      • Students are marked absent if check-in does not take place before 9:45 a.m.
    • Parent Attendance Procedure
      • If a student cannot participate in the E-Learning day due to illness, appointment or no Power/Internet, parents are instructed to call the St. Francis High School absence line.
      • If a student is marked absent and not reported on the absence line, parents will be contacted.
      • If the student is experiencing technology issues, please contact the SFHS Help Desk at
  • Student Expectations

    Just as in-class participation is critical to learning, full participation in each E-Learning class period is necessary for student learning to occur as well as student growth. The E-Learning format will maintain instruction and interaction between teacher and students as is experienced during a regular school day.
    • Check appropriate onCampus messages or emails for information on class assignments and assessments.
    • Identify a designated workspace (i.e. desk, kitchen table, etc.) that is appropriate for E-Learning. As some teachers are utilizing Microsoft® Teams, which has video conferencing capabilities. “Outta Uniform” is the E-Learning Day St. Francis High School dress code. Note: “Outta Uniform” is an established dress down day used on certain days throughout the school year.
    • Attend and participate in E-Learning class periods as outlined on the Daily Schedule.
      • Students not appropriately participating in real-time classes, will be emailed by the teacher. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the teacher will email the parent/guardian, and then if necessary, the Dean of Students.
    • Complete and submit assignments and assessments as instructed by your teacher.
      • Students not completing work after two class periods, will be emailed by the teacher. This email will include parents/guardians and the guidance counselor.
      • Students not actively participating in real-time classes or not completing work in three consecutive classes will be referred to the guidance counselor. The counselor will communicate with the parent/guardian and student.
    • Use the platform identified by your teacher and communicate with them before 2:00 p.m.
    • Keep distractions to a minimum.
    • Be patient.
    • If experiencing technology issues, contact the St. Francis High School Help Desk at
    • Do not share videos, documents, chats, etc. Help maintain the integrity of St. Francis High School’s E-Learning program and maintain trust with your teachers and other students in the school. During E-Learning days, SFHS policies still apply; such as, the Academic Honesty & Integrity Policy and the Technology Policy.
  • Assignments and Assessments

    Teachers and students have important roles for the success of E-Learning, and the information exchange between them is critical. The expectations listed below will assist in guiding the exchange of information.
    • Post course work in onCampus/email/OneNote/Microsoft® Teams no later than 9:00 a.m. on the specified class day.
    • Develop assignments meaningful to the outcomes of the course and essential to the pacing of the curriculum.
    • Teachers have the option to meet with their students in real-time to provide direct instruction and/or interaction. This is not a requirement and will vary depending on the lesson objective(s).
    • A teacher might provide instruction for 15 minutes, and then ask students to complete an assignment. Teachers will be available for the entire 45-minutes, but it does not mean will provide direct instruction for the entire time.
    • Teachers can have assignments due or assessments due by: (1) the end of the class period, (2) the next class period, (3) a future date.
    • Teachers will be specific with deadlines that includes date and time, and which electronic platform students should use to complete and submit the assignment and/or assessment.
    • Teachers will review and respond to student emails by 2:00 p.m., by the end of the E-Learning day.
    • Teachers are aware that providing feedback to students in a timely fashion is important, especially within an E-Learning environment. Once students submit assignments and/or assessments, teachers will provide feedback and where applicable, a grade posted in the gradebook, by the start of the next class period unless it is a long-term paper or project.
  • Electronic Access

    As a 1-1 Microsoft® Showcase School, St. Francis High School students, faculty and staff are issued a Microsoft® SurfacePro computer that enables students to actively engage in lessons, enhances creativity and organization and reaches multiple learning styles on regular school days and E-Learning days. Communication between students, faculty, and staff is maintained by using the Microsoft® Office 365 suite, Microsoft® OneNote, e-mail and onCampus. If there is a need to acquire or increase their internet access or speed, additional support is provided, and parents are encouraged to contact their local internet providers for programs such as “Keep Americans Connected” plan.

March 2020

As we transition to E-Learning amid concerns of COVID-19, we have created this webpage to provide an overview of our E-Learning program. Current SFHS parents and guardians can find additional information in the E-Learning tile on the Resource Board in onCampus. Students and families should read the information provided carefully, and contact individual teachers or counselors with any questions. 
As always, our goal is to support the whole student. St. Francis High School is more than an academic learning environment - it is a community, a culture, and a mindset. We plan to do everything we can to maintain the SFHS connection that they know and love, and support them the best we can as we all adapt to this new normal. The Pastoral Ministry and Counseling Departments are continuously building and collecting resources for our students, families, and staff. Please click the below buttons to access the links and resources.

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