Important Information on Purchasing Books

  • Whether you are a returning student, incoming freshman or transfer student, it is important students use their St. Francis High School email account when ordering e-books/textbooks through EdTech’s website This ensures the books link with the student’s school email account.
  • Please reference your student’s class schedule in onCampus before purchasing any ebooks/textbooks from EdTech. 
  • If you plan on making any additional schedule changes, please wait to order specific books affected by that change. Refer to the Schedules and Schedule Changes document located on the Resource Board in onCampus in the Back to School tile for further information if necessary.
For a student to access their school email account, he/she should do the following:
  • If using their St. Francis High School-issued Surface Pro, simply open Outlook 2016
  • If using any other computer/electronic device, a student can navigate to his/her St. Francis High School Office 365 email account via the following URL/web address:
  • With few exceptions for potential duplicate email addresses, St. Francis High School email account parameters are as follows:
    • o    2 digit year of graduation followed by first two initials of first name followed by last name and completed with
    • o    For example, John Gerdeman in the Class of 2021 would be
    • If you are new to St. Francis High School and your child does not know their school password, please contact
If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing your child’s EdTech (formally ESCO) account or ordering e-books/textbooks, please contact the following

St. Francis High School