An SFHS Education

Fully Engaged Learners

Meeting the individual needs of young men and women on their path to spiritual, academic, physical and emotional development is the most profound challenge of education today.

As a Catholic college preparatory, secondary school, St. Francis High School prepares students as a learning community to become critical thinkers and faith-filled, responsible adults.

Our teachers work hard to meet the demanding needs of our students. This work requires each teacher to be adaptable to various instructional methodologies, to be available for student assistance beyond the regular class hours, and to be promoters of student achievement. The class room teachers accept the challenge of working with colleagues, parents, and students to affect the Christian formation and academic education of their students.
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More than $27 million in four-year college scholarships earned by the Class of 2019

Our Curriculum

Class of 2019 Average ACT Scores

List of 7 items.

  • 20.8

    National Average
  • 21.4

    Illinois State Average
  • 34

    Top 10% of SFHS Class of 2019
  • 32

    Top 25% of SFHS Class of 2019
  • 30

    Top 50% of SFHS Class of 2019
  • 28

    Top 75% of SFHS Class of 2019
  • 27

    Class of 2019 Overall Average

Graduation Requirements

Twenty-five credits is the minimum requirement for graduation from St. Francis High School.

All courses required for graduation must be taken at St. Francis High School (or some recognized high school in case of transfers).

English**** 4.0
Religion 4.0
Mathematics*** 3.0
Science 3.0
Social Studies** 2.0
World Languages* 2.0
Physical Education 2.0
Health 0.5
Digital Literacy 0.5
Electives 4.0
Total 25.0

Service Hours: 15 per year, 60 total required.

*The two (2) credit World Languages requirement means two consecutive years of the same language.

**The two (2) credit Social Studies requirements means World History and U.S. History I with U.S. History II or III or AP U.S. History. Successful completion of U.S. and Illinois Constitutions, the Declaration of Independence and Flag Code.

***The three (3) credit mathematics requirements must include Algebra and Geometry content.

****Successful completion of English III research paper. Note: No student will graduate from St. Francis High School with more than three (3) required make-up credits earned during summer school. 

St. Francis High School