About SFHS

Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Our Mission

St. Francis High School is a Catholic, college preparatory learning community that promotes spiritual, academic, physical, and social development in the daily presence of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Our Philosophy

Rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition and the charisms of St. Francis of Assisi, the people of the St. Francis High School community seek to live as disciples of Jesus Christ through the cultivation of our faith by loving God and serving others.

St. Francis High School advances the educational ministry of the Roman Catholic Church. We are faithful to Christ, and the spiritual teachers who represent Him on earth, the Pope, and the Bishops.

St. Francis High School exists to promote the values of the Gospel of Christ. Each member of the faculty and staff has a responsibility to foster a disciplined, caring, and Christ-filled environment.

St. Francis High School partners with parents in the promotion of the spiritual, academic, physical, and social development of each student entrusted to the school.

St. Francis High School strives to assist each student to achieve his or her spiritual, intellectual, and social potential.

St. Francis High School welcomes all regardless of their race, gender, religious affiliation, physical disability, national or ethnic origin.

St. Francis High School