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November 11, 1956--St. Francis High School supporters cheered as shovels broke ground and efforts to construct the long-awaited regional high school officially began.
Today, St. Francis High School serves the same mission its founders dreamed it would: to educate the young men and women of neighboring towns and Catholic parishes and to nurture their spiritual growth. This is the heart of Catholic education, and since classes first began in 1957, St. Francis High School has fostered student achievement and spiritual growth, all in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, our patron.

With the deep dedication of families, alumni, teachers, coaches and staff, St. Francis High School continues to develop and thrive. In 2001, we celebrated the Spyglass Gymnasium and Kuhn Cultural Arts Center addition. In 2011, the Mary J. Feltes Science Suite and the Robinson Family Learning and Resource Center enhanced our facilities. In 2013, blessings brought our Spartan spirit back home with the Kuhn Memorial Stadium and Coach Scott Nelson Memorial Track completion. And in 2015, the Lacy Family Gateway building was built to provide our wrestling and dance teams  the space to practice on campus.  The St. Francis High School Board of Directors plan continued enhancements and, God willing, look forward to continued growth and development.

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