Board of Directors

Mrs. Yvonne Scholl

Yvonne joined the Board of Directors in 2011, and she currently serves as Vice Chair for the 2019-2020 school year. She has served on the Institutional Advancement Committee for 8 years, the Executive Committee for 6 years and the Board Development Committee for 2 years. She has served as Chair for both the Institutional Advancement and the Board Development Committees.

Yvonne, with her husband, served as Co-chairs of a $4 million capital campaign for her parish in Naperville, and sponsor scholarships for Catholic Education at various education levels. Yvonne has served as chairperson for the Finance, Service Ministry and Pastoral Care and Funeral Luncheon Committees. In addition, she served as a Welcome Committee member, Administration Committee member, Religious Education instructor, and Home & School Treasurer for the parish and school of St. Raphael. As a parent at St. Francis High School, Yvonne contributed as Parents’ Organization Treasurer, Cash Raffle Chair, Varsity Boys’ Basketball Coordinator, St. Francis mission trip chaperone, Staff Appreciation volunteer, Spartan Wear volunteer, Hospitality volunteer and member of the Parent Recruit Team. She has also served as an election judge.

Self employed as an Accounting Consultant since 1997, Yvonne has been assisting clients in setting up, maintaining, and utilizing accounting data to better manage their businesses in the legal, financial planning and other service industries. As a Software consultant for a regional CPA/Consulting firm in Ohio, Yvonne assisted law firm clients in implementing management software and analyzing system data related to business operations. She later assumed management responsibility of the firm’s internal accounting, computer operations and human resource departments as Chief Financial Officer. Other work experience includes banking, insurance and public accounting firms.

Yvonne earned a B.S. Business Administration with a Major in Accounting at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA in 1983. Yvonne resides in Naperville with her husband, Bob. They have two children, Kelly and Michael’11.

St. Francis High School