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Testing Strategies
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Multiple Choice
  • Work quickly
  • Give answer that teacher wants
  • Eliminate ridiculous choices
  • Look for clue words or numbers:
    Watch out for absolutes (always, never etc.)
    Look for grammatical clues (plural or singular verbs, etc.)
    Look for familiar phrases out of text
    Look for degrees of correctness (especially math: rule out ridiculous answers)
  • Guess - choose closest answer
    Rule out 2 or 3 answers
    Watch for patterns
  • DO change answers (not over & over)
    Check “flagged” (skipped) questions
    Check for missing answers
  • Never give up!

  • Read carefully
  • Watch for clue words:
    Generally false: all, only, always, because
    Generally true: none, generally, usually
  • Don’t quibble over approximate answer
  • Guess (usually more trues)
  • DON’T change answers (1st often right)

  • Read directions carefully
    Use answer only once? more?
    Are the columns uneven?
  • Find which column has the longest phrases - work down that one & re-read shorter one
  • Do easy matches first

Verbal Analogies
  • Practice when studying
  • Give exact answer
  • Turn into sentences to make sense
  • Find a word for the possible relationship:
    purpose sequence
    cause/effect place
    part/whole size
  • part/part grammatical
    action/object numerical
    word meaning characteristic
    opposite word meaning
  • Attack tough problems systematically
  • Make educated guesses

Short Answer/Fill in the Blanks
  • Look for clues
  • Don’t search for hidden meaning
  • Watch length of blanks
  • Over answer
  • Make educated guesses

  • Watch for “attractive distractors:”
    Look alike words
    same etymology stems
    grammar misused
  • Looks familiar, but don’t know it? - think and try to jog memory; skip and come back to it
  • Make educated guesses
    0Elimination of wrong parts of speech
  • If you know a second language, use it!

Number Problems
  • Work systematically
    Write carefully
    Write in straight columns
    Copy accurately
    Watch for units of measure
  • Organize your work
    Given numbers
    What you’re supposed to find
    All formulas you’ll need, in order
  • Use graphics (draw a picture of it)
  • Estimate
  • Study graphs carefully

Number Problems
  • Read questions first, then the passage
  • Don’t skip around while reading
  • Locate easiest questions first
  • Don’t add any facts
  • Forget your own conclusion
  • Check your answers

  • Essay is usually more than a paragraph
  • Budget your time
  • Outline or map or brainstorm in phrases
  • Write a topic sentence
  • Write “long”: details, specifics, examples
  • Write an ending
  • Write a title or label
  • Check your work for content, organization, mechanics
  • Ran out of time?? Say so on paper and finish with an outline
Academic Counseling

Get Organized

Note Taking

Study Tips

Test Strategies
Guidance & Counseling Office
Mrs. Trudy Rigney
Director of Guidance, Junior & Senior/College Guidance Counselor (A-J)
Phone: x1105
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Mrs. Michele LeBeau
Administrative Assistant
Phone: x1142
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Mr. Adam Lindley
Junior & Senior/College Guidance Counselor (K-Z)
Phone: x1114
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Ms. Jillian Pettenuzzo
Freshman & Sophomore Guidance Counselor (L-Z)
Special Needs Coordinator
Phone: x1108
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Mrs. Angelika Rupp
Freshman & Sophomore Guidance Counselor (A-K)
Group Counseling Coordinator
Phone: x1104
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