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Listed below are memories of Alumni, Faculty and Friends. Please contact Matt Abernathy '03 if you have a memory you would like to share.

Barbara Teskey-Dykema '62

I thought it would be a wonderful idea for the Senior Class to put their last names ( in magic know the indelible black ink??) on the back of the uniforms...So...we did!  Since I was the instigator I was told by Sister David or Mother Regina, I think, that I would not graduate until every last name had been removed.  Hmmmmmm... being the oh... so clever person that I was... I knew that it wouldn't wash out so...I cut squares of white and sewed them over the names and graduated!  You know....back then the girls were NOT allowed to wear make up or slacks to school which made it difficult to perform in the Talent Show if we had a male part. ( it also made it difficult in those windy, sub-zero Chicago winters)   So... in the Talent  Show that I co-wrote we were "allowed" to wear a man's sport or suit jacket but had to wear skirts.  So as to not draw attention to our skirts... we constructed a cardboard T V set and had the actors ( all girls) sit behind the screen as we were T V commentators doing commercials.  One person sat on the outside flipping channels and the three "males" would pop up and split the commercial.  We even got to wear men's hats.  Remember, back then there were not many females in TV-land.  Things really were so innocent back then.


Sr. Maria Bierer, IBVM (formerly Mother Regina)  1957-1965

As one of the founding faculty (known as Mother Maria Regina back then!) dI have always had a very fond spot in my heart for St. Francis, which I call my "boot camp" for being a teacher.  I left St. Francis in the summer of 1965, a very long time ago, after spending eight years there.  During the next 30 years I contiued to work in secondary and adult education and administration in Northern California.  Now I find myself in Rome after having served as General Superior of the IBVM and in the leadership of the Institute since 1999. 


Br. Thomas Power, Faculty Member from 1962-1971

"Those were the anti-war years, the Cuban crisis, Kennedy assasination and so there was a lot of turmoil...A tremendous and positive input to our faculty during those years were the I.B.V.M. and Franciscan nuns.  Paul McGowan stands out as one of our outstanding lay teachers and coaches of those days...Back in those days we had to have student turning guards in the corridors due to the large number of students changing classes.  St. Francis was and is an outstanding Catholic school and environement."

Miscellaneous Memories from 20th Reunion of the Class of '69

Beating Joliet Catholic in football our senior year to win the WSCC title...Finding myself in the convent for one week after opening my big mouth in theology clas...Avoiding a cream pie thrown by Ed Routson and Dan Budi the last day of junior year...Falling waist deep into the creek behind school while chasing a fly ball hit by Coach Hartweck during freshmen baseball tryouts...Having a private note intercepted by Coach Mariani and read aloud to my economics class...Being caught climbing out a classroom window by Sister Colette...Debating Brother Peter on the merits of long hair.

Carol Niederriter '61 Handel

When the Russians launched Sputnik I and Richard Nixon debated J.F.K....Darling white gym suits and "pinies" that were worn over them during intramurals...the First time the Blue Knight rode his white steed around a football field...Wishing I could see Mother Maria Regina without her habit in regular clothes...Mother Adrian's geometry classes and how she'd say "I hear voices" and "I'm not Joan of Arc" everytime she wrote theorems on the board...the Beautiful wooden crucifix in the chapel...

Br. Tom Dominic Vance FSC  1963-1965

One day a field mouse came into the chemistry class.  I kicked and killed it.  My students ceremoniously buried it outside the entrance...I never missed a day of classes in my time at SFHS...I made and sold popcorn during basketball games and worked with Coach Paul McGowan.  The first game I worked  was against Lockport W HS, now Romeoville HS.  The Spartans played the Spartans...In my religious robe, I would shoot baskets after lunch time intramurals. 

Brother Joseph Seiler 1964-1971

Having been assigned to St. Francis in 1964 was a real homecoming since I had grown up in the Chicago area.  I really enjoyed my work with student government and yearbook...I loved watching the seasons change through the large library windows...I still root for St. Francis teams except when they play Montini, of course.  I've been a bronco now for 33 years.


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