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e-News April 7 2016
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Upcoming Events
ACT Test at St. Francis High School and Area Schools - 8:00 a.m. - South Wing

NHS Induction

Variety Show

School Improvement: P.M.
Assembly Schedule
Students Dismissed at 12:05 p.m.

Jazz Showcase and Swing
Night - 7:00 p.m.

Senior Celebration

Parents' Organization Meeting; 6:30pm (Rosmonowski Room)

One Acts; 7:00pm

White and Blue Band Concert; 3:00pm

All School Liturgy - Transition Mass

Senior Institute Day 
Note from the Principal
Congratulations to the March 2016 Student of the Month Recipients:
Business & Technology - Cala Furlano; English - Shea Mahoney
Mathematics - Sabrina Eichenberger; Performing & Visual Arts - Kira Savegnago; Phys Ed & Health - Ivan Santiago; Religion - Jonah Sheehan;
Science - Madison Brewster; Social Studies - Emily Jania; World Languages - Maddy Wardynski

Raeann Huhn Principal
St. Francis High School
St. Francis Takes Part in National Alcohol and Drug Recover Month
As part of the National Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month, which aims to raise public awareness about alcoholism and drug addiction and to motivate individuals who need help to get treatment, the Guidance and Counseling Department will offer confidential alcohol and drug screenings and informational meetings throughout the month of April. In addition, several awareness activities will be offered throughout the month in different classes. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Mrs. Rupp at ext. 1104 or Ms. Pettenuzzo at ext.1108.
Since early detection of alcoholism and drug addiction can increase the likelihood of successful recovery, knowing the warning signs is important:
  • Blackouts.Periods of time after drinking that cannot be remembered.
  • Tolerance. Requiring increasingly larger amounts of alcohol to experience the same effect.
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms. These may include nausea as well as shaking, sweating, confusion and hallucinations (delirium tremens) while not drinking. Delirium tremens (also known as "the DTs") is the most serious symptom of acute alcohol withdrawal.
  • Legal, relationship, financial problems.
  • Anhedonia. Loss of interest in once pleasurable activities.
  • Unusual drinking habits.These may include drinking alone or in secret, gulping drinks or making a ritual of having drinks before, during and after dinner.
Healthcare Professions Career Day
Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL is hosting a Healthcare Professions Career Day on Thursday, April 28th from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Learn about careers in nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy/pathology, clinical psychology, biomedical science and other areas. Students should RSVP online at: For more details call, 630-515-7200. 
Help Teens Fall-and Stay-Asleep
  • Explain. Talk to teens about the benefits of sleep- to academic performance, mood, memory, health, and problem solving- and how much they should have. Experts recommend eight or nine hours for teens.
  • Exercise. Sleep can be difficult for teens who've gotten no physical activity throughout the day. Thirty to 60 minutes of exercise-event just a long walk- can make a huge difference in drowsiness levels.
  • Cut caffeine. Avoiding caffeine- found not only in coffee, but also in many teas and sodas- in the afternoon and evening will make falling and staying asleep much easier.
  • Talk it out. We all know how tough it can be to get to sleep when we're mulling over problems. Teens are dealing with myriad pressures; help teens talk things out to ensure that anxieties don't keep sleep at bay.
  • Manage time. Many teens stay up late to finish homework. Help them develop time management skills (e.g.; starting homework in the afternoon; avoiding TV, social media, and text messaging while working) to ensure that they can get to bed on time.
  • Follow the 12-hour rule. Less can be more. Encourage teens to avoid social, work, and extracurricular activities for 12 hours before the next school day starts to promote vital relaxation.
  • Develop a routine. Repeating the same activities before bed- like stretching, taking a warm shower, brushing teeth-signals to the body that the time to sleep is approaching. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day-even on weekends-helps the body adapt better to its circadian rhythms.
  • Unplug. The bright, changing lights on TV, computer, and video screens inhibit the production of melatonin, which is the chemical that signals the body to sleep. Keep TV's out of bedrooms, and turn off all screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
Fleece Blankets for Edwards Pediatric Hospital
Come support a great cause after school on Tuesday April 12 and Wednesday April 13! We will make fleece blankets in the Rosmonowski Room, which will be given to young adults at Edwards Pediatric Hospital.  Sign-ups are on Mrs. Mercadante's office door. Thanks to HOBY and SADD for sponsoring this event. See Gabi Napoli or KRas if you have any questions.
Fly Your Flag Winner
You may have noticed the beautiful flag currently flying on the St. Francis Flagpole. This year's auction winner of "Fly Your Flag" was sophomore, Michael Young. Michael's family selected the colorful BOLIVIAN flag which represents their family's heritage.

Plan now to win  this fun opportunity at next year's Auction and fly the flag of YOUR choice!
PO Volunteer Opportunities
Are you a Spartan parent looking for ways to get involved at St. Francis? The SFHS Parents Organization invites you to volunteer for the 2016-2017 school year.  We are always looking for new people to participate, sharing both time and talent. Volunteering has many rewards, one being the friendships made between St. Francis families. We have several committee chair positions open this year. Click here to view these volunteer opportunities.

Please contact SFHS PO President Mary McCarthy by email with any questions you have about the volunteer opportunities for parents.  Send any inquiries and interest to We welcome all parents to be a part of the wonderful events that are offered at St. Francis High School.
Spirit & Pride Golf Outing - Monday, May 23rd
Tee Up for a new Spyglass SCOREBOARD! Spring has sprung so gather your friends and come out to enjoy a day at White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville. Golf begins with a shotgun start at 12:00pm. The individual golf package includes 18 holes with a cart, buffet lunch and dinner, on-course beverages and golf contests.

Unable to golf? Plan to join the group for the one-hour open bar, buffet dinner, silent auction and raffles!

Not a golfer? Show your support and sponsor this event. All proceeds go towards a new SCOREBOARD in the Spyglass Athletic Center. Click here for event details, sponsorship and volunteer opportunities and to register for this event. Register before 5/6 to receive a $15 discount and guarantee your spot on the course. Registration will close on 5/16/16. If you would like to donate an item for the silent auction, please contact Dan Donati at
Service Hour Information
By April 15, 2016 students will submit their Service Hours (Time Log and Reflection Paper). Service Hours are recorded online.

Students should log on to Naviance, click the 'about me' tab, and click the Service Hour Survey on the upper left hand corner.

Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen who have not submitted their Service Hours will not receive a schedule of classes for the 2016-2017 school year and will not be permitted to start school in August 2016 until all service requirements are met.

Seniors who have not submitted their Service Hours will be required to attend school Thursday, May 19, and Friday, May 20 in order to fulfill this graduation requirement.

Please see your religion teacher if you have any questions.
Prom Dress Guidelines
As you are shopping for your daughter's prom dress, remember to check whether she can sit, walk, and dance in the dress. The dress should be of an age-appropriate length and cut; cutouts in the dress are not permitted. The dresses must completely cover from side seam to side seam. The back must not go lower than the natural waist.Two-piece dresses are not permitted. Remember, the dance is a lot more fun when the dress fits comfortably.
Last Chance Help for ACT Test
Last Chance: For Juniors who would like extra help for the Spring ACT, Kaplan Test Prep will be hosting free online Cram sessions for the April 9th and April 19th ACT.  Sessions are starting Saturday, April 2nd. Space is limited.  To sign up, please visit

Summer Camp Registration Open
2016 Summer camp registration is now open. Please register online at If you have any questions, contact Janet Thelen at or call 630-668-5800 ext. 1145.

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